Full steam ahead!


It is a well-known fact among all health-conscious divas out there that vegetables and fruits are an integral part of one’s balanced diet. Vegetables are an essential element, even more so than fruits, of the everyday diet plan of those who like to lead comparatively healthier lives. We must realize, however, that vegetables in all forms are not healthy. Vegetables fried up in a lot of oil (or even without it) are actually bad for health since the excess of oil can cause a lot of cholesterol problems.

The best way to eat vegetables is, without a doubt, to eat their steamed version. Steamed vegetables are a far healthier option, although usually bland in flavor. Here we’ll be discussing the many benefits of steaming veggies.

Preserved Nutritional Value

As mentioned before, steaming a vegetable preserves its nutritional value in contrast to frying it. In frying veggies, all the nutritional value is lost. Additionally, steaming preserves the color and fiber content of the vegetables. It also preserves the shape of the vegetables and ensures that your veggies do not soften to the extent that they turn into a puree. Even if you are not a health buff, you can still steam veggies to decorate your dishes or keep them as side dishes.


Steaming vegetables means that you will not be dousing your healthy food in cholesterol-filled oils. This is much better for your health since cholesterol only results in a number of fatal diseases. Most of the diseases caused by cholesterol are heart diseases, so by eating steamed veggies instead of fried ones and, consequently, choosing the cholesterol-free alternative, we avoid endangering our lives because of heart problems. While fried vegetables may be tastier, they are bad for our health.

Not Messy

Since there isn’t a lot to do in steaming, you can rest assured that cleaning your kitchen will not be a Herculean task. Steaming doesn’t dirty your kitchen at all. In contrast, while frying or cooking veggies, you need to worry about the succeeding task of cleaning the oil stains which are difficult to remove.

Quick and Efficient

Steaming veggies is not just a relatively healthier option but also one of the fastest ones to have your greens prepared for lunch or dinner. Steaming vegetables doesn’t take a lot of time and neither does it need a lot of cooking experience. You can just add a few condiments to spice up your veggies to make them a treat to look forward to. Steaming your favorite veggie and spicing it up will not take more than a few minutes, which also makes following your health regimen less time-consuming and, therefore, more bearable.

Now that you know the benefits of steamed vegetables, you can leave its oilier (and consequently, more fattening) alternative behind. Your health demands that you ingest as little oily food as possible. Steamed veggies can become an essential part of your diet and will provide you with the necessary nutrients for which vegetables are also popular a choice amongst health buffs.